New Middle Class / Lyrics



Anatomy of Love
When I'm with you, I look at you through the eyes of love
And when we part, I dream at night of the thighs of love
Forever more I will love you with the heart of love
And all the rest of the body parts of love

When we kiss, I taste the taste of the lips of love
I pull you close, and get a grip on the hips of love
Call me a fool - I can't resist the mystique of love
And I can't resist squeezing the dimpled cheeks of love
It's like a vision from heaven above
When you reveal to me the anatomy of love
When we make love, I'm lifted on the wings of love
As I reach in my dresser drawer, where I keep the things of love
I can't refuse - you know how to use the tongue of love
And when you do, I call your name with the lungs of love
I can't explain, you seem to have the knack of love
And when I itch, you know how to scratch the back of love
You're so passionate that you leave marks on the throat of love
But you're civilized - you don't need the sheep or the goats of love
It's like a message from heaven above
When you speak to me with the anatomy of love
I took Biology, Physiology
That's right - I'm a Bachelor of Arts
But I didn't understand ‘til you explained to me
That the (w)hole is greater than some of the parts
That's why I'm aroused each time you enter the zone of love
It curls my toes, and my nose knows the eau de cologne of love
Sometimes we fight, but we'd never break the bones of love
And then the bad times pass, like the gas or the stones of love
'Cause the love within is deeper than the skin of love
Your kiss so wet, it dribbles down the chin of love
Yes, I confess, I love the original sin of love
You've infiltrated me like the Ho Chi Minh of love
It's like a song born in heaven above
In the poetry of the anatomy of love