New Middle Class


Middle Class Couple On Couch

"Expertly crafted pop" - Rhythm & News Magazine

Somewhere in suburbia...

New Middle Class is Barbara Borok (lead vocal) and Mike Borok (guitar/vocal).  Their many songwriter awards include Grand Prize in the 2003 MTL Songwriting Contest at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas and, most recently, finalist in the 2019 South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Contest.  They sing about relationships and current events gone awry, the origin of the universe, and desserts.
Their original songs walk a thin line between the funny and the serious, with distinctive vocals, harmonies and delightfully unexpected lyrical twists and turns.
- Latest single: "It Ain't What It Ain't"
- Latest CD: What's That Thing?
- Latest Video:: "It Ain't What It Ain't"
- 2019 South Florida Folk Festival - finalist