New Middle Class / Lyrics



Overly Enthusiastic Love
I dreamed that I was Adam in a fantasy you starred in
You are Eve, and you embrace and place my serpent in your garden
But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine your extremes
Of overly enthusiastic love

Despite my inexperience, ineptness and incompetance
My innocence and reticence and occasional incontinence
You hold my hand and other parts and assure me of your confidence
With overly enthusiastic love

No,not again my bunny rabbit
Not so soon my turtle dove
I'm not used to your enthusiastic love

Just a kiss to break the ice, a little foreplay would be nice
I'm more Sleepless In Seattle, you adore Miami Vice
You say anything that feels good once feels even better twice 
Or thrice: that's overly enthusiastic love

I'm content to be the object of your pouncing and your trouncing
But my throat and back are sore from all that hollering and bouncing
And it's up and down and all around till all the neighbors hear the sound
Of overly enthusiastic love

No, not right now my bunny rabbit
Not so hard my turtle dove
I'm unprepared for your enthusiastic love

Your loving is so passionate and sensual
Although it's strenuously unconventional

We do erotic variations of the Lotus and Half-Frog
Then the Cat, the Cow, the Camel and the Downward-Facing Dog
It feels so good when you unroll me and unknot me and unfold me
From your overly enthusiastic love

Hold me in your sweet Half Nelson, crush me with your scissor thights
You practice all your wrestling moves; I get my exercise
And when you pin me down you want to go another round
You win with overly enthusiastic love

Please, not so fast my bunny rabbit
Gentle now my turtle dove
I'm overwhelmed by your enthusiastic love

You love me till I'm crazy, you love me half to death
I'm droopy, drained and dizzy, won't you let me catch my breath
I'm concerned about my heart rate and my aggravated prostate
Due to overly enthusiastic love

You surprise me in the closet and against the basement door
On the railing of the balcony and on the kitchen floor
Let's relax here on the tile, can we just stop and snack a while?
Then back to overly enthusiastic
It's amazingly elastic
Pyrotechnically fantastic
(Sometimes rubber, rope or plastic)
Your excessively gymnastic
Overly enthusiastic love

Mike - Lead vocal, acoustic guitar, bass, slide guitar, keyboard, percussion
Barbara - Backing vocal

((c) Mike Borok