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DISCLAIMER:  This page contains rough demos of new material or old stuff from the archives, thus not representative of our current material; may include recordings that only hard-core fans or our mothers would love.  If you're new to New Middle Class, click the Songs & CDs button to hear what we're doing nowadays.

Also, note that you can listen to all the songs from our latest album What's That Thing? on Bandcamp or  Google Play or Apple Music or Amazon, and you can hear what we sound like in a simple acoustic setting at the bottom of our Promo Kit page.

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Ten Rooms in the House of Love

A rough mix of a a song that we thought we'd put on our next CD but we changed our mind.  So will be on the one after that.  But why wait?  Barbara - Lead vocal, Mike - guitars, bass, backing vocals, Carey Brown - piano and organ, Steve Meltzer - drums

It Ain't What It Ain't
Uh oh, sounds like a protest song!  Back to our politically relevant roots.  A work in progress.  Mike - Vocals, guitars, bass, drum loop 


Overly Enthusiastic Love

Demo of a new song.  Mike - Lead vocal, keyboard, guitar, bass, Barbara - Backing vocal 



What Happened to Previous Free Songs?
If you didn't listen to them or download them...sorry, you're too late.  But we'll continue to post different collections of songs each month or so.  Please let us know what you think of these relics from the archives.  Maybe someday we'll compile some of this stuff onto CD.
Previously Posted:
Telephone Breakdown Hands of the Press (O.J.'s Song)
Pass the Ganja * Stop the Fight (Before It Starts) **
Hobo's Prayer * Miniature Golf
Working Within the System I Don't Understand Boys
All Over Now Cowboy Song *
The Other Shoe (Live) So Tired (live at CBGB) **
Hungry World Chance to Win *
Waiting Room (You Don't Have To) Paint Me a Picture
I Saw You Dancing ** Monty's Room (bare bones mix)
Unbelievable Pizza Shop **
Waitin' On You Cradle (live on BBC Radio Scotland)
You Go First A Heart with No Moving Parts
Exactly Where It Hurts What's The Matter With the Way It Was?
Five Foot Four Girl (In a Ten Foot U-Haul Truck)
* Light Horse Harry:  Our late '70's acoustic country/swing band.  Our repertoire included songs written by Mike, as well as folk/rock, bluegrass and other styles.  We were influenced by Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks.  Mike met Barbara while he was playing in this band, and this was when she first decided to sing professionally.  The band was Mike (guitar/vocal), Barbara (vocal), Ernie (Ernestine) Columbo (vocal), Rich Benson (bass/vocal), Marty Laster (fiddle/vocal).  Former members included Brett Newman (guitar/banjo/vocal) and Linda Kaplan (vocal). Occasional guest guitarists included Dave Shakin and Harold Magedson.
** Tour de Force:  Our '80's original rock band.  We played at clubs in NYC, including  the legendary CBGB.  The band was Barbara (lead vocal), Mike (guitar/vocal), Ender Parra (bass/vocal), Steve Meltzer (drums).  Former members included Richard Coffey (keyboard/trombone).  Our repertoire consisted of original songs by Mike, Ender, Steve and lyricist Meg Meltzer.