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Free Songs of the Month

...or however often we change them. 

Every month or so, we値l post three songs from our archives for your listening/downloading pleasure.  They値l be our original songs, including studio recordings, live performances and rough demos.  And they値l be in different styles, since they値l include our prior band incarnations.  We値l try to give you a sampling of several different types of songs in each set of three.  And then we値l rotate and post three different songs next time.


Latest News
Uh oh, it's been hard to keep this page up to date. Please check our blog and/or facebook page for the latest NMC news, thanks!

Recording/Songwriting Updates

We're currently recording our next CD, ARGUING WITH GOD, in our almost state-of-the-art home studio.

You can get detailed, up-to-date information on our recording activities and songwriting on the Recording / Songwriting Updates page of our blog.