NEW MIDDLE CLASS  (2nd Mortgage Records)

Rhythm and News Magazine, December 1999

Five stars (highest rating)

Expertly-crafted pop and exquisite harmonies are the cornerstone of the New Middle Class' new self-titled CD, as the husband/wife team of Barbara and Mike Borok show off their unique, often tongue-in-cheek talents on this 11-song CD.


The album's lead-off track "I Was Born" is glorious testament to loving one-self. "Television Sky" is particularly imaginative, as the duo sing the catchy refrain: "A television sky, a Technicolor moon / You never have to leave your living room / And on the day you die, actresses will cry /  In the artificial rain from the television sky."


Songwriter Mike Borok tackles unconventional issues as marketing enticement ("Buy One, Get One Free"), growing up in mid-20th-century America ("Cradle") and a single person's search for love ("Misery Loves Company.")  Vocalist Barbara ably delivers the beautiful "Give It Back," drawing from the same school of precision vocal work as Linda Ronstadt's "Talk To Me of Mendocino." A high point of the tune is the loving touch offered by Marty Laster's string arrangement.


Reminiscent of 1970s pop (John and Johanna Hall, Starland Vocal Band, The Carpenters), New Middle Class incorporate laid-back arrangements - replete with acoustic instruments and intricate har­monies - to create a thoroughly enjoyable release from start to finish. "New Middle Class" cleanly capture the spirit of love and life in the 1990s.


For more information, write to New Middle Class at P.0. Box 708, Jefferson Valley, NY  10535;  on  the  web  at; or e-mail
  - Lisa Fairbanks


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