"Their perspective is refreshing, their writing is original, and their material, on the whole, is some of the finest songwriting we’ve been fortunate enough to come across in recent years."
- The Ark of Music review of House of Love  (full review here)

Five stars (highest rating):  "Expertly-crafted pop and exquisite harmonies are the cornerstone of New Middle Class' new self-titled CD...Barbara and Mike Borok show off their unique, often tongue-in-cheek talents...a thoroughly enjoyable release from start to finish." 
- Lisa Fairbanks, Rhythm and News Magazine

"Their self-titled debut CD captures all the personality, energy and creativity that makes their live performances so enjoyable.  And NMC have obviously given as much meticulous care to this project as they do their songwriting and live performances, from the choice of songs to the quality of performance to the striking photos inside the booklet...Hooky and tastefully produced enough to be commercial, but probably too intelligent and perhaps a little too unique for the masses. Of course I could be wrong." 
- Carla Ulbrich, Athens, GA

"The music of New Middle Class is emotionally and intellectually captivating. The songs sparkle with wit, and the melodies are downright addictive. I keep waking up with their tunes ringing in my head. As M.C. of the Treestar Coffeehouse, I was deluged at intermission with audience members asking about the group." 
- Mark Shepard, Treestar Coffeehouse 

"The quality of the writing and performance here is self evident. This classy duo clearly knows how to make a song work on all levels...The vocals here are superb...Here are some lovely personal stories, some social commentary, even some disturbing concepts...it's easy to understand why these songs win awards." 
- SoundBytes review 

 "Did you ever notice how folk and punk have common themes? Specifically, I’m talking about righteous indignation and (usually political) fist waving. Well, the married team of Barbara and Mike have lots to comment about on this nearly concept album, covering a lifetime. The punk/folk correlation comes in songs like “Buy One, Get One Free” (“It was a shopping spree/When I realized/That the merchandise was consum­ing me”) and “Into My Life” (“You've taken your knife/And cut your way into my life.”). But I don't want to give the wrong impression: Barbara and Mike, though having a somewhat cynical view of life, are really good singer/songwriters who use the formula to stretch its usual boundaries by playing from the inside track. Barbara's vocals are sweet and inviting (as with Mike, who mostly backs and occasionally fronts), and the songs are smart and catchy. And, what's more, they make you think (especially my fave cut, “Cradle”). "
- Shredding Paper #12, review by Robert Barry Francos 

"Television Sky [2013 Finalist] was a favourite with the judges." 
- UK Songwriting Contest  

"Thoughtful and intelligent lyrics in a base of well thought-out, hook-laden instrumentation...together, the Boroks write and make great music." 
- George Fletcher, Poughkeepsie Journal 

"Barbara's vocals are passionate - heartfelt without becoming overly dramatic or sweet. And, in my opinion, Mike Borok is one of the finest songwriters writing anywhere today ... a worthy addition to any collection. My advice: buy two copies. This is going to be a collectors' item." 
- Musicians Alliance Newsletter (review of NMC cassette) 

"Great melodic songs, full of warmth, wit and truly delightful and surprising turns of phrase. Simple, engaging performance -- clear, pure voices enhanced by a tasteful, flawless, ungimmicky single guitar. A standout was 'I Was Born,' which is either an anthem for some New Age solipsism or a scathing assault on modern narcissism -- and works equally well either way." 
- Mike Hagen, Fast Folk Café 

"Thoughtful and original...Outstanding songwriting.  Adventurous, highly creative lyrics.  Great melody and production touches.  I really admire this level of artistic songwriting.  Bravo!" 
- The Great American Song Contest 2000 

"Love the record - thanks for sending it up this way.  ' I Was Born' just knocked me out!!!!!  It'll for sure be appearing on my playlists & be implanted into the WMPG library!!!  'Buy One, Get One Free' - what a riot.  Perfect Holiday song!!!!!!!  Incredible!" 
- Chris Darling, host "Us Folk", WMPG-FM, Portland, Maine 

"Your CD is one of the best I've heard this year (and maybe last year too)...You've done a great job for your first release!  I particularly appreciate the sense of humor in many of your songs." 
- Steve Stiert, co-producer of HVmusic.com (Hudson Valley Music) 

"We saw New Middle Class at the SouthSound Coffeehouse recently, and we were blown away! ...Featuring the outstanding, intense vocals and electrifying performance of Barbara Borok, and the infectious tunes of her songwriter husband Mike...fifteen years of performing and honing their skills have brought this 'dynamic duo' to a rapidly rising popularity among coffeehouse and festival audiences throughout the region." 
- Brandi Hayden, Good Folk Coffeehouse 

"I've enjoyed the couple of cuts from New Middle Class on the errant compilation and on the Dan & Joe and Sometimes Mo' sampler. Are there any NMC full-length CDs? You guys have a current and positive sound that I think our listeners would take to. We play Eddie from Ohio and Sons of the Never Wrong pretty regularly and I'd like to have another folk band (other than bluegrass) to add to the playlist." 
- Marilyn Rea Beyer, Music Director, Folk Radio 91.9FM (WUMB), UMass/Boston 

"Wonderful songs sung with fine voice and harmony...a spirited evening of intelligent fun." 
- Brian Sullivan, Patterson Coffeehouse (Hudson Valley Folk Guild) 

"Fresh and refreshing, good to listen to, and good for you too.  The songs are crisp, clear, straightforward and easy to understand, and there's a positive outlook on life...Good listening and recommended. 
- David Broida, Paoli, PA 

"New Middle Class has a particular knack with the deeply sentimental which puts them in the warm spot of the audience's heart; from then on they can do no wrong." 
- Dan Pelletier, Lake Peekskill, NY 

"Hey, that was great. Really good. Boy, oh boy. A hush falls over the crowd. Good stuff...Barbara sings like an angel." 
- Mike Bennett, WLNA, after New Middle Class performed "Give It Back" live on his show, Open Line

Yorktown News, p.3, Thursday, January 25, 2024