1. Radio

From the recording House of Love

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The ultimate earworm.

RADIO (Mike Borok)

I staggered into my car, looked at the road, too tired to drive
But I drove it anyway; thank God I made it home alive
And the only thing that kept me going was singin' that song
I played it over and over, pretending you were singin' along

I pulled into the driveway, heard the brakes squeal
Turned off the lights, put my head down on the wheel
Killed the wipers, shut down the heat
Rolled up the window, pushed back the seat and then

I turned off my radio
I turned off my radio
I turned off my radio
But the music kept playing in my head
Yes, the music kept playing

I was home in my bed, heard the alarm, too tired to rise
Put the pillow on my face again, refused to open my eyes
And the only thing that got me going was hearing that song
And the music of your voice in the next room singin' along

Not asleep or awake, I was somewhere in between
I tried to remember – what a crazy dream
Rubbed my eyes and tried to touch my toes
Looked on the floor for yesterday's clothes and then

(repeat chorus)

Turned it off, and the music kept playing (3x)
Longer and longer, louder and stronger

Now I’m in tune with something else instead
No buds in my ears, no headphones on my head
Now I see it’s always in the air
You're here with me and that song is everywhere since

(repeat chorus)

Mike - lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboard
Barbara - backing vocals
Studio Pros - drums