From the recording What's That Thing?



For those of you (e.g. Barbara) who want me to write a love song... well, I tried, and look what happened! Ambivalence and backpeddling. But on the other hand - ain't it the truth? And the best thing is, you can dance to it.

What's that thing seems so strange yet so familiar?
What's that thing makes me so dissatisfied?
Just a little bit of pain that leaves me bruised and addicted
Just a little bit of heartache makes me feel so alive
Just a buzzing in the brain that leaves me lost and conflicted
Twisted up inside

It's mostly love, it's mostly love
It's kind of an affliction
That no one knows a definition of
That fits like a glove
It's partly give and take but it's mostly love

What's that thing gets me addled and bewildered?
What's that thing keeps me scattered and confused?
It's a chemical reaction so unsafe, so unstable
An irresistible attraction and I come all unglued
Try to balance on a wire but I tumble and fall
from this dizzy altitude

It's mostly love, it's mostly love
It's kind of a commotion
That I could see me getting tired of
If push comes to shove
It's partly a mistake but it's mostly love

Could it really be a thrill beyond description?
Or is it only like a disappointing kiss?
Anybody with a heart would feel as partly pleased as this

What's that thing so annoyingly elusive?
What's that thing that just can’t be specified?
It's a sentimental fling that finds me flustered and clueless
I don’t really want to trust it though it seems bona fide
Is it ever gonna feel like I am tall enough for this roller coaster ride?

It's mostly love, it's mostly love
It's more or less uncertain
It's somehow sort of reminiscent of
None of the above
It's sometimes slightly fake but it's mostly love
It’s partly give and take but it’s mostly love
It’s partly a mistake but it’s mostly love

Rick Garcia - electric guitar
Cliff Hackford - drums
Barbara - lead and backing vocals
Mike - backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, guitar solo, bass, keyboards