From the recording What's That Thing?

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Guilty (With an Explanation)

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The late excellent singer/songwriter Rob Morsberger, who mixed this track and the next one, gave me this (I think) compliment: "You're very good at playing the cad". High praise indeed!

I know I forgot your birthday
I know, I forget them all
And when I miss dinner ‘cause I'm working late
I know I ought to remember to call
But really, is it so important?
These things are easy to forget
And there's so much that I have to do
You forget things too, I bet

Guilty - I'm guilty, I feel bad about the situation
Guilty - I'm guilty, guilty with an explanation

I should try to control my temper
I should try to control my tongue
And though I feel ashamed, I can't be blamed
It could happen to anyone
It's just a fact of evolution
We're all descended from the beasts
And when you make me mad, I can't help myself
The beast must be released

Guilty - I'm guilty, it was hormonal over-stimulation
Guilty - I'm guilty, guilty with an explanation

Yes, I feel guilt, I feel remorse
And I feel bad for you, of course
I don't want a fight or an expensive divorce
I'm just a victim of a biological force

I know I should have been faithful
But I cheated, and I got caught
You've got the right to be mad, I guess
But it was really not my fault
It was a momentary lapse of judgment
An irresistible fascination
You see, God created beauty
And the Devil turned it into temptation

Guilty - I'm guilty
I had the means and the motivation
Guilty - I'm guilty, guilty with an explanation
Guilty - I'm guilty, there was a positive identification
Guilty - I plead guilty, guilty with an explanation

Cliff Hackford - drums
Mike - lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, guitar solo, bass
Barbara - backing vocals