From the recording New Middle Class

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Buy One, Get One Free

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It was a holiday
It was a sale day
It was a shopping spree
When I realized that the merchandise was consuming me
I felt my brain respond
I had a coupon
I saw the big display
I was mesmerized as I joined the line for the give-away
Buy one, try one
Buy one, get one free

There was some tiny print
Under the fine print
There was a guarantee
Specially designed by creative minds for seducing me
And in the showcases, hundreds of faces
Looking like long-lost friends
Lining all the aisles with their plastic smiles of encouragement

Buy one, try one
Buy one, get one free

And all the shopping malls
Seemed to call my name
And all the lights invited me in...

I tried to turn my head
But it was no good
I tried to close my eyes
But I lost it all
To the siren call of the merchandise

Buy one, try one
Buy one, get one free

Barbara - Lead vocal
Mike - Backing vocal, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, Moroccan clay drums, hammered mandolins, synthesizer, tambourine
Marty Laster - Violins, viola
Norin Lavender - Drums
The PM Triplets - Handclaps
Steve Samuels - Dumbek, finger cymbals
Amarjeet Singh - Tabla
Strings arranged by Mike