1. Television Sky

From the recording New Middle Class

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Television Sky

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He always wanted to drive that car
He really wanted to have that girl
But for guys like him, it could only happen
In a television world

She always wanted to look that good
She never wanted to be so shy
And she would not resist a small-screen kiss
Under a television sky

A television sky, a Technicolor moon
You never have to leave your living room
And on the day you die, actresses will cry
In the artificial rain from the television sky

He always wanted to be that tough
She had a weakness for blue eyes
Though they had not yet met
Through the TV set they shared a television sky

(repeat chorus)

And she drifted off in the blue screen light
And she found herself on a wind-swept beach
And he drifted off in the blue screen night
Where he found himself on the same white sand
And her lips met his as the music swelled
And the moon seemed almost within their reach
And they walked on past the supporting cast
When the scene was changed by an unseen hand
There was trouble brewing in Paradise
There were complications and surprises
Cops and mobsters, guns and knives
And messages from advertisers
Parties where the laughs rang hollow
Moments of uncomfortable silence
Twisted plots too hard to follow
Incidents of random violence
A tide that turned and left them back
On the sand on the beach in the fade to black...

He really wanted to watch that game
She loved the show with the private eye
They fought for the remote control
As the credits rolled
Against the television sky

(repeat chorus)

Barbara - Lead vocal
Mike - Backing vocal, acoustic guitars, bass, piano
Steve Meltzer - Drums
Marc Shulman - Electric guitars