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Misery Loves Company

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It's another lonely Saturday night
In the tiny studio apartment where I live
All by myself

Now, I can't sleep so I go downstairs
And the night is warm, and everywhere
I see hearts spray-painted on walls and fences
And lovers have taken all the park benches
And I feel so sad - too sad for words
If I had some bread I'd feed these birds
If I had some sense I'd go back to bed
But I end up going downtown instead
And the people look sharp; they're nicely dressed
But that just makes me more depressed
I want the whole world to feel as bad as me
Because misery loves company

Everybody talks about misery
No, it isn't just me
Nine out of ten of my friends agree
That misery loves company
Misery loves company

So I order a double at a singles bar
And I watch TV while some creeps watch me
The sports guy runs down the losing scores
And they show some athletic injury
And I think of all the times that I got hurt
In exploratory sexual surgery
And this barroom gloom is an operating room
For ghouls who feed on misery

Everybody suffers some misery
You can take it from me
Everybody wants a little sympathy
And misery loves company
Misery loves company

It's not the alcohol that calls us all
It just lubricates our emptiness
It's not the cheap draft beer that brings us here
We've got misery to thank for our togetherness

It starts to get late and I think how I hate
This crazy dating industry
Everyone laughs at some infantile joke
And the smell of smoke starts to get to me
And the floor is littered with cigarette butts
And I'm eating complementary nuts
Ignoring guys with big beer guts
Who won't stop coming on to me

Then I notice this guy from the corner of my eye
He almost blends in with the scenery
As he sits and thinks and nurses his drink
But there's something about him that appeals to me
And he runs his hand through his uncombed hair
As he stares at the upholstery
But he'll notice me eventually
Because misery loves company

Everybody knows about misery
And it seems to me
We're in the same pain emotionally
And it's misery
I don't want to hear about misery
But inevitably
I complain to you and you complain to me
Because misery loves company
Misery loves company
Misery loves company

Barbara - Lead and backing vocals
Mike - Backing vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, guiro, clave, tambourine
Norin Lavender - Drums
Kazi Oliver - Congas
Marc Shulman - Occasional electric guitar
Rob Stein - Electric guitar, electric slide guitar