1. Quark

From the recording House of Love


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QUARK (Mike Borok)

C’mon, let’s do the quark
It’s the latest dance craze
Baby, me and you
Dance like the smart kids do
In a subatomic daze

Let’s do the quantum dance
Here at the Physicists’ Ball
Don’t worry, you won’t fall
‘Cause the steps are so small
You hardly move at all

Oooh, you offer no resistance
Oooh, don’t need no peer reviews
To prove your existence

Partners meet by chance
I did not select you
First we all collide
Then you’re by my side
And now I detect you

I love the way you quark
The way you charm and spin
From the bottom to the top
Baby please don’t stop
Keep going out and in

Oooh, do you feel the attraction?
Oooh, don’t take a Nobel prize
To quantify our interaction

Side step closer to me bit by bit
Slip your lab coat off and dip your hip

Have you heard about the cat?
I don’t know where that cat’s at
Did the cat survive?
Is it dead or alive?
We may never know that

Everybody do the quark
Do that quirky little quark
Let’s see what we can see
We’re gonna glow in the dark

Mike - lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, piano, synthesizer, redrum, backwards percussion
Barbara - backing vocal