1. I Was Born

From the recording New Middle Class


I WAS BORN (Mike Borok)

In the beginning there was no light
There was no day and there was no night
There was no land and there was no sea
There was no geography
There was no faith, there was no doubt
There was not much to talk about
There was no sign of the human race
There was no time and there was no space

And then I was born
The sun came out and the birds were singing
That I was born

It's hard to believe it, but I've been told
My folks were young before they got old
A lovely girl who danced ‘til dawn
With a handsome man in a uniform
They took a loan, they bought a home
A beautiful baby girl was born
They gave her love, they gave her toys
But they wanted another, they wanted a boy

And then I was born
Kicking and screaming all through the night
Yes, I was born

Now who would care and who could know
About things that happened long ago?
All that really matters is me

The Roman Empire was brought to its knees
Shakespeare wrote some tragedies
And wars were fought, the Bomb was dropped
The forces of history could not be stopped

And then I was born
Angels came and they called my name
When I was born
Destined for success and fame
Yes, I was born
And things will never be the same
Since I was born
I was born

Barbara - Lead vocal
Mike - Backing vocal, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, tambourine
Gary Burke - Drums
Steve Meltzer - Additional drums
Joe Mennonna - Keyboard
Marc Shulman - Some electric guitar bits, under duress